Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Meri Brown

March, and in particular St. Patrick’s Day, is a special time of year for our family! Lizzie’s father-in-law, Charles, was born in Ireland and migrated with his family when he was a young child to America. Of Charles, a family member wrote, “An Irishman by birth, he inherited good looks, wit and energy, plus leadership qualities that led him into most every phase of community activity.” Our family has always taken pride in our Irish roots, and we most certainly have taken pride in the ways Charles’ Irish charm has snuck its way into many of the family’s personalities! 

Celebrating and honoring our heritage has always been important to us. St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to do that! Lizzie’s daughter, our beloved Joyce (or Grandma, or GG!), always made sure to have special Irish meals prepared for the holiday – corned beef and cabbage were always on deck! These days, Grandma Bonnie makes sure to keep the tradition alive and makes potatoes and Irish soda bread for breakfast, Irish stew and pub salad for dinner. At Lizzie’s, you know we take pride in our food, and St. Patrick’s Day is no different! 

This time of year is so special at the Inn, with flowers blooming and the crisp spring air, and is the perfect time to sit on the porch with a hot drink and yummy Irish potatoes. St. Patrick’s Day for us is more than just great food and the perfect green, it is about celebrating where we have come from and honoring our heritage, something Lizzie would have done. 

If St. Patrick’s Day is also a special holiday in your home, check out Sarah’s Corner to purchase Sarah’s Seasonal Specialities, featuring our family Irish scone recipe, with our first box celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

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